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Body Mass Index (BMI) is an established measure utilized by physicians and health experts to determine weight status (i.e. underweight, overweight or within a healthy weight range).

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Seriously low weight
Obesity type |
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The metabolic age is an indicator for the age of your body. If it is higher than your actual age, your metabolism is slower than it should be. In this case you need to go on a calorie-restricting meal plan and increase your level of physical activity in order to increase your physiological processes. If your metabolic age is lower or equal to your actual age, your body feels well and you should keep up the good work.

Metabolic Age
Your Metabolic Age:

Calories are within a recommended range of +/-100 as it is practically impossible to track them exactly. While following a calorie-restricted meal plan, the calories you consume must not fall below this value. Your daily calories are calculated based on your target weight, your current measurements, your physical activity and your lifestyle.

 - Calories 0 Calories 5000 Calories
Recommended Calories:
- Calories

It may look excessive to you but it has been scientifically proven that water consumption should be this quantity.

5 L 0 L L
Recommended Water: L
By following your keto meal plan, you will optimize body composition and lose fat overall. But let’s be honest – you can’t spot reduce, because fat loss doesn’t work that way. Women usually lose fat lastly from the lower body, and man – from the abdominal area. Fat loss rate isn’t equal for the different body parts and it’s determined by genes, hormones, etc.
Lose weight body parts
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You’ll lose weight from these parts: Cheeks, belly, upper & lower limbs

The weight you can achieve for 28 days of your Keto Meal Plan without putting your health at risk. The results may vary.

Achievable Weight
Achievable weight for 28 DAYS of your Keto Diet:
Fat loss is not a linear process. You may lose weight and fat more rapidly at the beginning and then this process slows down with time. That’s totally fine and normal, so don’t discourage! Rapid weight loss isn’t always better! Be patient and strict in your meal plan!
My weight
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Your weight after your keto meal plan will be:

Ketogenic diet is 75% Fats, 20% Protein, 5% Carbs

Ketogenic Diet
Carbs 5% Protein 20% Fats 75%
Percentage content of fat, protein and carbs

Our Promise

It is possible to eat what you love while switching to a healthier lifestyle. We know that, because we have worked with over 2 million ketoers from all over the world and we were happy to be part of the positive change in their lives.

We know that you probably have tried all sorts of diets that are too complicated. We’ve been there and we understand your struggles.

Our nutrition experts will provide you with a personalized solution for sustainable results. We work hard to prepare the perfect combination between an easy-to-follow diet with quick and delicious recipes with only your favorite ingredients.

All our customers did was give Keto a try and believe in the process. And if you do the same we guarantee you will enjoy the same success they had.

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